Flexibility to Choose Your Route to Success

At KIZAD, you have the freedom to choose the ownership approach that best suits the needs of your business.



Whether it’s a joint venture with a local company or a sole proprietorship, our land leasing options give you the opportunity to tailor your business growth.

  • If you’re a company involved in industrial manufacturing activities, choosing a joint venture with a local company (taking up to 49% ownership) allows you to claim exemption from import duties on raw materials; Goods manufactured in this case will be exempt from customs duties when exported to GCC countries.
  • If you’re a 100% foreign- owned company, you can avoid duties on imported goods kept in bonded status in the Industrial Zone and re-exported from the UAE. In addition to imported goods, you can also avoid duty on raw material if you’re running a manufacturing business.

In addition, the land at KIZAD is specially planned and designed to be flexible, allowing plots to be subdivided and merged based on your requirements.

Land plots are allocated in long term, secure contracts with a focus on imports and exports via Khalifa Port, supported by mutually attractive terms.

Taken together, the cost benefits ensure that businesses at KIZAD are well positioned to be competitive in their industries and set up to drive growth in Abu Dhabi for the long term.